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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

In the neuroscience and clinical practice, the use of TMS is rapidly increasing. TMS can safely and reversibly alter brain activity. It generates a focused magnetic field deployed by a coil held over the head, which penetrates the skull easily and non-invasively. This causes a weak electrical current to flow in the targeted brain area, which can induce finger movements, alter speech or memory retrieval depending on the brain area that is stimulated.

Clinical use

TMS has been used for some time for non-invasive diagnosis of brain injuries or diseases; recently, it is increasingly used to treat depression and other psychiatric conditions. When certain brain regions are stimulated daily at a higher frequency for several weeks, a lasting change can be achieved that can alleviate symptoms for months.

Neural Navigation for TMS

TMS requires coil placement over a brain region with millimeter accuracy. No two brains are alike; therefore coil placement based on head shape alone (‘5 cm rule’) is often ineffective. An increasing number of researchers use individual MRI scans and sometimes functional MRI maps to accurately guide the TMS coil to its goal. ‘Neuronavigation’ is the technical solution allowing MRI guided TMS coil placement. A neuronavigator displays the TMS coil and the patient’s head and brain in real time on a screen.

MRI guided DLPFC treatment

In depression treatment, clinicians wish to target the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex (DLPFC) which has been shown to alleviate symptoms (1). Treatment effects are much larger when DLPFC is targeted based on an individual MRI scan. Without MRI guidance, DLPFC is often missed by several centimeters, and treatment is ineffective (2).

A new Neural Navigator

The Neural Navigator offered by Brain Science Tools BV is designed to accurately navigate a TMS coil to a brain region. It is easy to use, offers exactly what you need and is CE certified as a medical device (class IIa) in the European Union and InMetro Certified and registered with ANVISA for clinical use in Brazil. It adopts a well validated registration technology and has been rigorously tested on human participants and with computer simulations (3). The Neural Navigator has been actively used since 2004 in many labs around the world. An affordable magnetic position tracking device is used to track coil position. 

Brain Science Tools BV, the company marketing the Neural Navigator, maintains a DEKRA certified ISO13485 compliant quality management system, guaranteeing high quality software and hardware according to the medical device directive of the European Union. 

Our Neural Navigator is affordable, easy to use and mobile. It can be transported in a small suitcase when operated from a laptop. To obtain a quote, click here and fill out the form.