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Head Support

This table mounted head support with a well-considered design and a robust structure is a must-have for your TMS lab. It consists of a chin rest, a forehead rest and a magnetic field transmitter pad, ensuring stable and undistorted navigation.

The head support is ideal for behavioral TMS experiments, often performed in psychology or neuroscience laboratories. During such experiments, research participants have to watch stimuli on a screen and perform a task, while the TMS coil is precisely targeted at a brain region using The Neural Navigator. Our head support is ideal for that: a PC screen and a keypress response device can easily be placed in front of the head support.

The head support is made of quality materials and serves its utmost purpose: to support the subject's head and magnetic field transmitter while conducting MRI guided TMS. The materials are chosen such that the magnetic field used for position tracking is not distorted: the metal parts are made of surgical steel of a special alloy that is not ferromagnetic. The head support helps perfectly fixating the head so that brain regions are targeted accurately. For convenience and transportation, it can be disassembled and fitted in the bottom compartment of the packaging suitcase. Moreover, it is CE certified as a medical device class I. Along with the reclining TMS chair and the Neural Navigator package the head support is all you need to make the most of your treatment or research.

Please note that this head support is not ideal for TMS treatment of DLPFC in depression. For that purpose we advise our navigation compatible TMS treatment chair.


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