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Neural Navigator Main Package

The Neural Navigator is an invaluable tool for your TMS lab. It is a CE certified medical device (class IIa) and is can be used in a clinical setting as well as for research projects. The complete Neural Navigator package includes:

  • DVD with the Neural Navigator software.
  • BrainTRAKTM position tracker device and magnetic field transmitter with 4 tracking probes.
  • Plastic hand-held pointer containing a tracker probe for navigating to the intended brain area.
  • Plastic tracker probe socket that can be attached to the TMS coil, allowing real time coil tracking (sockets are available for TMS coils from Neurosoft, MagStim and MagVenture).
  • Elaborate user manual including setup, step-by-step introduction to using the Neural Navigator and pointers on MRI image processing.
  • Sturdy suitcase with compartments fitting all components, allowing easy and safe transportation or storage.


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Apart from this standard product package, you could receive optional components such as a head-band for head tracking, a remote control for marker capturing or order complementary products from the list below: