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Neural Navigator v3.0 CE certified

The Neural Navigator v3.0, our latest release, was CE certified today (26 jan 2018) by DEKRA certification. It is now available for clinical use in the European Union and affiliated countries, and doctors and patients can now benefit from all the new features v3.0 has to offer. v3.0 has built-in 3D brain segmentation, directly from DICOM data, realistic 3D coil models for Neurosoft coil models, and many more usability improvements. Also the look and feel has been improved with a modern user interface, integrating well with the latest window version and allowing easy installation. This overhaul of the Neural Navigator and the underlying design of the software has been underway for several years, we are happy it now is finally available to clinical users.

For an overview and screenshots of the new functionality in v3.0, see this news article.